Fall Leadership Conference Delegates

Welcome to Girls in Government

Girls in Government is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization, that promotes, broadens, and cultivates civic engagement and leadership among girls of all ages.

Our programming encourages and empowers girls to boldly run for leadership roles in their schools and communities, mobilizes them to create positive social and political change in their lives, and helps them identify and nurture the responsible global citizen within them.

Fall Run for Office & WIN! graduates



PROGRAMMING Girls in Government workshops are available. Sample description follows.

Run for Office & WIN!
In this workshop we share practical advice for students considering a run for student council or other leadership roles within their school or community. Program offers students real-life examples, compares student elections to political elections, and highlights achievements of past leaders. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions from the facilitators and each other.

Provided materials and handouts include:

  • Sample campaign plans and stickers
  • Workbook: Public Speaking Tips
  • Workbook: Run for Office & WIN!
  • "What Kind of Leader Are You?" Fun and informative assessment tool
  • Facilitators:
    (2) Adult facilitators
    (1) Current or past High School Class President



    Booklet: Run for Office & WIN! (teen guide)PUBLICATIONS What else do we do? Every school year, Girls in Government produces and distributes over 15,000 of our printed publications including:

    • Run for Office & WIN! Teen and youth guides
    • Organizing Young Voters – A Guide for Old People Like You
    • Cheat Sheet: The Presidential Candidates & Where They Stand
    • Be Heard: A Girl’s Guide to Speaking Her Mind
    • A Young Woman’s Political Primer
    • President YOU Coloring Book



    Alana: Girls in Government member, current 3rd Grade Class President, and future presidential candidate

    RIGHT NOW Girls in Government and its members are gearing up to:

    • Lead voter registration drives
    • Submit youth-produced videos to YouTube's Presidential Debates
    • Meet with young leaders from Iraq (including a Village Mayor from the Ninewah Province, a Committee Head of the Kurdistan Student Development Organization, and a Secretary-General for Northern Iraq, Kurdistan Students and Youth Renaissance Organization). During the 3-hour meeting important issues will be discussed such as strategies for effecting social, political and economic change and the health and welfare of the citizens of Iraq.
    • Participate (online and in-person) in our biannual "If I Were President..." video project.

    WORK WITH US Co-branded campaigns & events include:

    • "Take a Girl to the Polls" campaign (in partnership with New York Department of Education)
    • International Visitor Leadership Program (under the auspices of the Department of State)
    • "Voting Vixens" (in partnership with the Younger Women’s Task Force)
    • CLSO’s Biannual Leadership Seminar (in partnership with the Department of Education)

    Plans for 2012 include continued production of our "If I Were President..." video series, multiple trips to Albany with student leaders to meet with, and lobby, state legislatures, continued participation in the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program and much more.


    At Girls in Government, we understand that girls aren't merely the leaders of tomorrow. The girls we work with are leading the way today!

    Want to learn about our plans for 2012, workshops, camps or mentoring programs? Contact us.